Certified Diamonds

Disons Gems carries a vast inventory of GIA certified goods across all shapes, clarities, and color ranges. With a majority of goods kept in the United States, we have the ability to cater to all your requests year-round. The ability to stock a large inventory also allows us command very competitive prices discounts which we pass on to our customers. Please visit our inventory page to access information about our Certified Diamonds.

Uncertified Diamonds

As a significant partner to many large retailers and jewelry manufacturers over the years, Disons has always maintained a large inventory of uncertified goods. With a special focus on carrying rounds, we always have a sizeable inventory between 1 mm and 1 ct. across all qualities.


The newest of Disons Gems business lines, we have launched our own jewelry manufacturing unit. With a dedicated team of designers and merchandisers creating both bridal as well as fashion jewelry lines, we have established major programs for gold as well as silver jewelry. Combining this with our extensive knowledge of diamond procurement, we are able to compete very strongly at all price points.