About Us

Disons Gems Inc. was founded in 1980 with the vision of becoming an independent diamond trading company. It was the belief of one man, combined with the support of his family and the dedication and hard work of everyone involved that has allowed this vision to become a reality. Over the past 35 years, Disons Gems has transformed itself from a new entity into one of the largest diamond houses in New York. From its humble beginnings through its rise, Disons has always stood by its core values of trust, transparency, and teamwork.

The company today is a major dealer in both certified and uncertified diamond goods across the United States. Leveraging the strength of relationships built over many years, Disons Gems has started to expand its presence to cater to markets overseas. With an ability to maintain a large inventory, Disons has been the ideal partner for retailers and traders alike. The fundamental principle to conduct business in a sincere and honorable way has allowed the company to continually grow.

Core Values

  • Integrity is the foundational pillar of earning trust, whether it be in the market or within our own organization
  • All of our relationships and partnerships are built to be sustainable and mutually valuable for the long run - we work our hardest to ensure that our business partners love working with us
  • Our employees are our family, as well as our greatest asset and the cornerstone of our operation